I live near Rugby in Warwickshire, UK, and am pleased to share with you some information about myself.

I come from quite a creative family of artists, musicians and some who could write expressively, so the arts have permeated my life from the start. As a child I was always drawing. It was my main pastime, so it soon became obvious that I would go to Art College. I studied Illustration, Graphic Design and Art History and afterwards moved to Leicester to work as a Graphic and Display Designer.

Marriage and bringing up two daughters soon followed and it was then that I knew I wanted to become an art teacher - it really was an ‘epiphany’! I loved every tiring, wonderful moment of my teaching career, but as head of an Art, Design and Technology department, it left little time for developing my own artistic interests.
My mother was a very good painter of portraits, and I inherited all of her art equipment. So after I retired I had the time, passion and energy to start the slow journey towards producing my own work.

A small studio - ‘My Cottage Studio’ in my garden - is a haven for exploring and experimenting, and I also have the good fortune to work in a shared space with other artists at Grid Studios in Harborough Magna, Warwickshire. I belong to various other local Art Groups which provides the opportunity of participating in local exhibitions. The annual Warwickshire Open Studios is a highlight of our art year, and I am delighted to be exhibiting with 16 other artists as part of 'Art in Dunchurch'. As a member of The Cold Wax Academy, an online academy based in the US, it is really exciting linking up with like-minded artists from all over the world, sharing ideas and working practices, and making paintings using this exciting medium.

My younger daughter, Sally, is a successful abstract painter who now lives in Annapolis, Maryland in the USA. I have included her Website and Instagram on my ‘Links’ page.