My name is Jennie Fletcher and I live in Warwickshire. UK. This is my very first website and I'm very excited about it!

I come from quite a creative family of artists, musicians and some who could write expressively, so the arts have permeated my life from the start.

As a child I was always drawing - it was my main pastime, so it soon became obvious that I would go to Art College. I studied Illustration, Graphic Design and Art History and afterwards moved to Leicester to work as a Graphic Designer.

Marriage and bringing up two daughters soon followed and it was then that I knew I wanted to become an art teacher - it really was an ‘epiphany’! I loved every tiring, wonderful moment of my teaching career, but as head of an Art and Technology department, it left little time for developing my own artistic interests.

I had inherited my portrait painter mother’s art equipment, so after I retired I had the time, passion and energy to start the slow journey towards producing my own work.

A small studio - My Cottage Studio in my garden - is a haven for exploring and experimenting, and I also have the good fortune to work in a shared space with other artists at Grid Studios in Harborough Magna, Warwickshire.

If you like my work and rather fancy owning a painting based on a favourite photograph, please do contact me.