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Beneath & Beyond
I love the landscape of the British Isles, both above and below ground, and, for me, oil paint is the perfect medium for exploring the many layers and textures in our varied landscapes. The mystery of the history ‘beneath’, or what can be vaguely seen ‘beyond’, is what my current work is about.
In 2020 I joined the Cold Wax Academy, based in the U.S., and I have become totally captivated with all the possibilities that mixing cold wax medium into oil paint affords. It allows the building up of many textured layers and then the excitement of digging or ‘excavating’ into the paint, rather like an archaeologist! Not always knowing what I will find really does inspire a more abstract approach to my work.
My love of rocks and stones, and the geology and hidden cultural history that lie beneath our feet, all give me the perfect subject matter for exploring this wonderful medium.
For my ‘beyond’ paintings, I again build up layers to hide, then reveal, suggestions of landscape towards horizons, seen through veils of different weathers and atmospheres.
....and it is especially rewarding when viewers relate to my work in their own personal way.

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Jennie Fletcher